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Sailing and sports fitness – useful links

Hiking top tips - Laser sailing star Nick Thompson shares his secrets
Top Hiking Tips with Steve Cockerill - Rooster Sailing - RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show 2017 - Sail Better
Hiking tips by Paul Goodison
Sailing Fitness - Warm up - with RYA and British Sailing Team Sports Scientist Tim Jones
The Cool Way to get race fit - Spend just 10 minutes a day on the hikingbench and notice a real difference in your hiking performance. You can improve your upper body strength at the same time by throwing a Swissball into the air and catching it whilst hiking.

Remember, good posture is really important to avoid long term injury and improve your sailing performance; practise good posture and it becomes a habit!

Don't take our word for it, check out some of the links below

  • Efficient Trapezing & Hiking Techniques by Harvey Hillary Team GBR Coach Click
  • Effective Hiking by David Mellor Click
Both of the above links have been provided with the kind permission of the RYA

Books and articles
  • RYA Laser Handbook by Paul Goodison Click
  • British Journal of Sports Medicine - Sailing and sports medicine: a literature review Click
  • Hanging Out - Australian Sailing article by Ralph Skea Click
  • Finn Gold Cup Chapter 10 - Interesting article on hiking by Frank Newton Click
  • Smooth Sailing Overuse injuries in sailing and windsurfing By Tamara Mitchell Edited by Sally Longyear Click
  • The New York Times - SAILING; Winter Is the Time to Set Stage for Smooth Going Click
  • HIKING E-BOOK - How to make it hurt less....by Andrew Verdon Click

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