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The Cool Way to get race fit - Spend just 10 minutes a day on the hikingbench and notice a real difference in your hiking performance. You can improve your upper body strength at the same time by throwing a Swissball into the air and catching it whilst hiking.

Remember, good posture is really important to avoid long term injury and improve your sailing performance; practice good posture and it becomes a habit!

Don't take our word for it, check out some of the links below

Efficient Trapezing & Hiking Techniques by HARVEY HILLARY Skandia Team GBR Coach Click

Effective Hiking by David Mellor Click

Both of the above links have been provided with the kind permission of the RYA

Laser Handbook by Paul Goodison

RYA Laser Handbook by Paul Goodison Buy RYA Laser Handbook at the RYA Shop

British Journal of Sports Medicine - Sailing and sports medicine: a literature review Click

Hanging Out - Australian Sailing article by Ralph Skea Click

Google Books Sports injury: prevention & rehabilitation By Jennifer Shamus Click

Finn Gold Cup Chapter 10 - Interesting article on hiking by Frank Newton Click

Smooth Sailing Overuse injuries in sailing and windsurfing By Tamara Mitchell Edited by Sally Longyear Click

The New York Times - SAILING; Winter Is the Time to Set Stage for Smooth Going Click

HIKING E-BOOK - How to make it hurt less....by Andrew Verdon Click

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