hikingbench trade mark The adjustable hikingbench™ for dinghy sailors to keep race fit

We recommend that the hikingbench is adjusted to feel like your dinghy

Toe-strap adjustment
1) Look at the toe straps in your own dinghy and adjust the hikingbench strap to a similar position to that of the dinghy deck as shown in figures 1, 2, & 3.

The Sailing Solutions XL Adjustable Centre Strap has an innovative built in rope and bobble system which relies on friction to hold a given position. You pull forward on one end to shorten the toestrap and pull up on the red bobble to lengthen it again, it’s that simple.

fig 1 Loose toe strap almost deck height

fig 2 Medium toe strap

fig 3 Tight toe strap below deck hieght

Seat adjustment

2) Measure from the centre of your dinghy’s toestrap to the edge of the deck (where you hike or sit–out) and adjust the hikingbench to the same measurement, as shown in figure 4.

The hikingbench seat support legs are fitted with two steel connectors attached to them, these then bolt on to sprung loaded wedges, which sit in the side frame rails. By loosening the two Allen bolts on each leg, the seat can then slide to a new position. Once the seat is in the desired position, tighten the Allen bolts firmly with the T-handle hex tool provide. See figure 5

fig 4 Shows mearsurement of seat position

Fig 5 Seat rail adjustment

By using a combination of toestrap and seat position adjustments the hikingbench range can be adjusted to match most hiking dinghys. The pictures above show the Classic version

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